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Health food

Health food:

Procedures for granting certificates of food hygiene and safety for health food business

Dossiers of application for certificates of food safety and hygiene for food production units, sales of health foods:

1) An application
2) Noterized copy of Business License.

3) A written description of facilities, equipment and tools to ensure sanitation and food safety, including:

- Drawing of production facilities, business and the surrounding area.

- Description of manufacturing process (process technology) for each group product or characteristic product.

4) The commitments ensure hygiene and safety food for food ingredients and food products from production facilities, business (form II issued with this Regulation).

5)  Notarized copy of "Certificate of eligibility for health" of the owners and the direct producer and sales of food.

6) Notarized copy of Certificate of training knowledge of food hygiene and safety of the owners and of the direct producer and sales of food.

For Business has adopted quality management system of hygiene, food safety according to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), the record must have a notarized copy of the Certificate of HACCP.