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MLS (Multi-level Selling in Vietnam)

The buoyant Vietnamese economy is due largely to the country’s stable political climate, as well as prudent financial and economic policies in recent years.  Vietnam’s recent membership to AFTA (ASEAN Free Trade Area) in 2007 has also attracted many international MLS companies to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  Vietnam has the advantage of close ties with it’s ASEAN neighbors due to her multicultural heritage and Vietnam’s recent membership to the WTO on 1st January 2009 has also created new opportunities for WTO member states.  Foreign investors from WTO members states can now establish enterprises with 100% foreign owned equity.  This allows foreign firms to engage in the import, export and distribution of goods and services in Vietnam.  The Vietnamese government has also issued Decree 110/2005/ND-CP dated 24 August 2005 stipulating the rules on setting up and managing multi-level selling activities.  This document (Decree 110) demonstrates the Vietnamese governments support of the MLS industry in the last 14 years.  It is one of the few governments in the world that aggressively promotes the MLS industry.  As a result, confidence from foreign investors has grown substantially with the setting up of many well-known MLS firms in the last few years.

A brief introduction of the company

VIM Consultancy and TAPHALAW provide superior efforts to help aspiring investors in developing their businesses. Since inception, we have been growing fast due to the recognition of our services from our clients from South East Asia.

Based on our learning persistency and continuous improvement, we manage to expand our service areas to meet the increasing market demands. After countless years of gathering experiences, we are now a one-stop professional centre, capable of providing a series of professional services to our customers.

In these two years, VIM & TAPHALAW has become a leading company in the region of MLS consultation service in Vietnam.

Our Vision – To identify and resolve clients' business uncertainties together with achieving their company's goals and objectives.

Our aim is to deliver our utmost professional assistance, consolidating our combined expertise, network, resources and experience in Vietnam, so as to enhance the efficiency of our client's organization and furthermore to boost the industry in Vietnam.

Our Mission Statement – We Know What To Do With them ;Right Thing, Right People ,Right Market

Our mission is to provide professional support, integrating our strengths, network, resources and experiences to promote and assist to the benefit of our client to get a Right Thing, Right People and Right Market


?MLS Application

?Setting-up MLS Company

?Product License Application

?Safety and Hygiene Certificate

?Marketing Consultation Service

?Business Strategies & Planning

?Network Consultation

?Design & Modify Compensation Plan

?Personnel Recruitment Service


?Product Positioning

?Direct Selling Software System

?Corporate Training/ Education

?Customer Service Management

Application of MLS License

The Vietnam Government has always encourages its growth and a positive recognition to MLS industry. The enactment of Decree 110/2005/ND-CP dated 24 August 2005 providing on management of multi-level selling activities (“Decree 110”) that accords legal protection to MLS companies, together with license application and approval processes represent the significant of this industry to the government. As Well As extend branches to Hanoi , HCMC and others Province.

Setting-up MLS Company

We assist to set up local MLS companies and 100% foreign own company through proper planning and legal channels. Our extensive network and unique professional consultation services give the precise direction to our clients. Other than helping to reduce potential business risk, we also assist our clients' business smoothly while exploring in local markets..

Product License Application and positioning.

We also provide product registration service and product license application to ensure that your business operates smoothly. Under the guidance of the overall strategy, we provide professional consultation and guidance of positioning key products in the market regarding its product range, category, product combination and direction of development.

Safety and Hygiene Certificate

The enactment of Decree 110/2005/ND-CP dated 24 August 2005 providing on management of multi-level selling activities (“Decree 110”). The qualify MLS company in Vietnam has to apply a Safety Hygiene store certificate to well store all the wealth product in respective condition.

Marketing Consultation Service

We assist companies in planning and strategic design of business development, new product development and positioning, marketing strategies, development of new market expansion and update promotion & incentive to MOIT.

Design & Modify Compensation Plan

We help to design and formulate legal compensation plan based on frequent evaluation and research. This will help the companies to establish proper system, philosophy, competitiveness of compensation plan.

Direct Selling Software System

Develop system template based on the identified compensation plan, provide software maintenance and operation training as well as assist in mastering the system implementation.

Marketing Strategies & Planning

Provide overall planning of marketing strategy, positioning, market segmentation explore and develop strategic process; and basing on the company's strength we provide guidance on market management human resource, market investment and sales administration strategic planning.

Professional Recruitment

Select professional manpower for the corporation, including, marketing, training, customer service and departmental heads. Ensure that the company is operating positively; assist in developing long term goals with MLS leaders.

Corporate Training/ Education

Bring together management personnel's expertise of achieving corporation's target, professional manpower development. Provide systematic operation planning for distributors to ensure mutual cooperation that benefits all parties.

Network Consultation

Develop networking team; provide consultation to top leaders in support of expanding greater achievements and results.


Provide assistance in full or partial business restructuring. Establish a proper market positioning and target based on the company's competitive edge and market condition. Provide consultation and latest information reports in order to management decision making to run smoothly.

Customer Service Management

Design a customer service management system that represents the core values of the company to achieve customer satisfaction based on corporation spirit, cultural philosophy, brand image and fundamental requirements. Complete the customer service process, resolve customers' complaints constantly stay updated with corporate information and product management details.

Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing simply means ' Finding product to sell through your Business'. We provide assistance in full or partial product resourcing in Health care, Skin care and other for OEM and ODM. With a strong R&D and Manufacturing behind to ensure to fulfill the end of our client.

Event Organization

We understand the important of the (organizing) event. So, we have the team of professional to handle the following areas

? Launching events for new products

? Distributors recognition event

? Special Training events for leaders

? Public Social education events

? Products exhibition and promotion events

Import products

We provide the service of assisting MLM company to import products from oversea. We over look the paper work application and take care of the logistic clearance matters. We will ensure the smooth transaction and take care of all miscellaneous for the assigned company which entrust our service.