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VietNam Business Forum

At present, Economy of VN is developing, with the great potential and human resources. To intergrate with the economic on over the world, VN legislation is more opening with the local investor and international investor. Although, in the first step, the investor shall have some difficulties with the administrative procedure. To help investor to intergrate the VN market, we- Vim Consultancy-  always supply to customer the service as following:

1)     To obtain the Bussiness Certificate of local company;

2)     To obtain the Investment Certificate of 100% FOC;

3)     To obtain the MLS Certificate of local company;

4)     To obtain the MLS Certificate of 100% FOC;

5)     To obtain the registration of publishing the product at VN market;

6)     To obtain the Work permit of foreigner;

7)     To obtain the temporary residence of foreigner labor.

Beside, Vim also support the post-license for enterprise to operate as soon as posible. In addition to, with the good relationship between Vim and partners, Vim commit to support the investor in the first of operation.